Hi there, Im Manmeet , the maker, designer and founder of  White Rain Designs.

I make and individually paint beautiful, timeless ceramic pieces.

 Simple, clean design.

All I really want to do is make beautiful products. 

This comes from a life long love of interiors, fonts and lettering, colour styling and both classic British and traditional Indian design and decor.

I love to design and create simple and stylish ceramics with a soft, luxurious feel that are inspired by nature, mindfulness and my love for travel and exploring the world.

 London born, Indian bred and Cornish styled.

 I love making things. And I love making beautiful things.

 Leave me alone with inks, ribbons, paint, glue, stamps, paper, tapes, wood, glitter, clay, pastels, sharpies, sequins, big beads, small beads, fabrics, scissors or glue… the list is endless, and I've always been and hopefully always will be happily entertained for hours.

Slight problem. I love making, but wheres my business brain?

 With the encouragement of my loved ones and handsome husband, I attended workshops, seminars, fairs and put in endless hours of research and nights sketching, brainstorming, designing and most importantly making to aim to provide the best products and customer service that I possibly can. And as a result, I established White Rain Designs in 2015, and have slowly grown and evolved since then.

My Crew Love

I am mummy to two gorgeous and cheeky af boys who both keep me on my toes 24/7. Running a ceramics business from home around two little ones is mostly carnage, but it has its perks... You can see some behind the scenes here. My resident ceramic product photoshoot models, bribed with chocolate and cuddles. 

Stripes and Succulents.

I adore succulents, fresh flowers and plants and soft shadows and romantic lighting. 

I tend to wear a lot of stripes and when the sun is blaring, (if I'm not working) you'll find me with an Aperol spritz in my hand. 


 Ceramics you say?

 My bisque ware range of personalised ceramics are all hand painted using non toxic paints and glazed.

All the rest are all hand crafted from earthenware clay, individually hand painted and glazed. All my makes are then fired in my kiln, either once, twice or three times all from my studio at my home just outside of London.

I hope you LOVE my products as much as I do.