Welcome to White Rain Designs Brand New Website!

New Makes. New Look. Shiny New Website.

Huzzah!!! I am so excited to finally share my new website featuring my look, brand and most excitingly my new makes. This website truly has been a labour of love, and I could not be happier to finally see it all come together.


So why, oh why have I taken so long?

The reality is, I just didn't think I would be able to run a small business alongside having a newborn (who has fast become a toddler!) and held myself back from pushing my business and brand to the next stages. But it seems to have been quite the opposite, if anything, having a baby has taught me exactly how many hours there are in a day and how to use them ALL! I am unable to do everything, but I AM able to get through so much more than I ever thought possible, and as a result, White Rain Designs has grown organically, alongside my little boy growing far too quickly too.

Learning on the job.

The great thing about launching my own website after running my business for far too long without one is that it has allowed me the opportunity to really learn about who my customers are and what products and services you really want from me. This has been a really important stage in allowing me to feel ready to refresh all my designs and move forward to make a whole range, ranges even of new makes and collections.


Inspiration is key to us creatives isn't it? I have collected together a visual interpretation of what I feel sums up perfectly what I am inspired by as a maker and designer. (Images sourced from Pinterest)

Understated opulence, nature and the great outdoors, travel and exploration, organic, romantic soft colours and natural light and shadows.

For me, as a designer, a perfect blend of classic British and traditional Indian design.

This has also heavily inspired my rebrand with the lovely Becky Lord.


New Makes.

The excitement doesn't end with the new website… The website is bursting at the seams filled with new makes and designs,  and I will be continuing to add new designs and ranges regularly so keep a look out for announcements by joining my mailing list (I promise not to spam you) or follow me on Instagram @whiteraindesigns.

Thank you SO much for visiting, browsing and hopefully shopping… I can NOT wait to share the next stages of this journey with White Rain Designs with you all.

Love and Light XO 

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